July 20, 2012

Jaedyn & Maddie: BFF

To say that I had a blast with this session would be a major understatement, but I don’t think I had nearly as much fun as my two subjects did! I was brainstorming fun session ideas a while back and asked for my daughter’s input. These ideas are aimed toward best friends and can be great for siblings and even whole families as well… from tea parties to paint balloons and many things in between, these sessions are meant to create an awesome activity and experience while it’s captured on camera. My daughter gave me her feedback and was so excited about my ideas that she begged me to do some of these sessions with her and her friends ASAP! She picked two activities (pillow fight and paint balloons) and some additional fun props, we got our supplies ready (including all white outfits for each girl just in case the paint stained! *it didn’t*) and borrowed one of her best friends for our first round. I was rather nervous about the mess that was about to ensue so I thought it best to do the session in my own yard… my yard that is rather small and not great for full photo sessions. On top of this, I had loaned out my main gear for the weekend so I was stuck without my favorite go-to pieces. Overall, I’m really thrilled with the results and the quotes from the girls made the prep-work and clean-up worth it a thousand times over!


First, a little warm up and some cute portraits before they are a disaster…

And it begins…

“This is AWESOME!!!”

If this isn’t the face of pure joy, I don’t know what is!

Paint balloon fight!!!!

“Ha! Got’cha!”

“This is the best day of my LIFE!!!”

“We’re out of paint balloons… can we make some more? Wait… can we just throw paint at each other?”

“I didn’t know photos could be SO MUCH FUN!!!”

“Why hello, sir. I’m French. You must be Italian.”

“Can we do this again tomorrow?”

Lessons learned:

-The ShopVac works wonders for picking up two pillowfulls of feathers.

-Whatever feathers you don’t pick up, the birds will gladly collect for their nests.

-Make sure I have my telephoto lenses next time… it’s tough to stay out of the danger zone and still get great shots with a wide angle!

-Paint balloons take a LONG time to fill. I spent about 4 hours filling balloons that lasted about 5 minutes.

-The ratio of paint to water should be higher… the neon paint wasn’t nearly as vibrant as I had hoped it would be.

-Have an alternate place for the paint balloon fight… water/paint + feathers = a big sticky mess!

-Have a voice recorder going during all of this… their reactions were even better than I had anticipated!

These sessions are so much more fun than going to the park, the movies or jumping around in bounce houses… they are what happy childhood memories are made of! I’m offering the first 3 sessions at a very low introductory rate of $100 (plus tax) for 2 children, $50 (plus tax) for each additional child, up to 4 total. I am also available for birthday party activities and photography in the Hudson Valley and Westchester NY and Fairfield County CT on a custom quote basis. Sessions are intended for best friends, siblings or cousins. Session fee includes your choice of 2 activities (please inquire for a list of available activities), props/supplies (outfits not included – if you’d like to do paint balloons please have children in all white outfits that you wouldn’t mind possibly getting stained), photo session time, set up and clean up, basic enhancements to all proofs, additional enhancements and retouching to all printed products, in person ordering session and online gallery for one week after your order is placed. Portraits of children together and of each child individually will also be taken before we kick off the activities. E-mail me at info@autumn-photography.com or call 845-787-4492 to book your BFF session today! Hurry – Only 3 spots available at the introductory rate!

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