July 13, 2012

Robinson Family

FILED IN: Family, Kids

Any excuse to hang out with the Robinson Family is a good one, but hanging out in a beautiful place and photographing this fun, adorable, outdoorsy family? Yes, please! Little Griffin had a blast diving into Mom & Dad’s laps, throwing rocks and generally running away, while his big brother Corbin & sister Malia acted like pros in front of the camera – almost always ready and smiling at me. Parents Heather & Doug (or Dr. Robinson as many of you know him at MSMC) are so wonderful and they’re awesome in front of the camera as well! Doug even gave my little assistant (my daughter) and I a little education on the plants and birds around us. =)


Parents: take a tip from them – if your kids don’t want to ‘cooperate’ for your ideal shot, don’t yell, threaten or force them (that will only result in tears, rebellion and pouty or mad faces) – let them do their thing and you’ll end up with a cute story and much more fun and authentic photos of your family anyway! 😉


When was the last time YOU had a family photo?

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