October 16, 2012

Anna & Sean – Hudson Valley Maternity Session

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A month or so ago I got an inquiry for maternity and newborn portrait sessions… the mom-to-be was Anna. We set up a date to meet and she told me that she is due on November 15th – my Grandma’s birthday. Awesome. I like her already.


It was finally time for our meeting. That afternoon I had an appointment with my neurologist and my meeting with Anna was scheduled for the evening. I arrived, was filling out my questionnaire as always and the nurse called me back. She’s been there for quite a while and she’s always the nurse that takes me in. I looked up from my questionnaire when I heard my name and to my surprise, she was pregnant and pretty far along. Normally I go to the neurologist every 6-8 weeks but I hadn’t been in in a while so I didn’t know she was pregnant. I made a comment about obviously not having been there in a while and congratulated her. She said “You’re a photographer, right?” I said “yeah…” and she told me that SHE was my meeting that evening! I didn’t even know she was pregnant and she didn’t realize that I was a patient! She said she kept looking at my photo on my site and telling her husband that I looked really familiar but she couldn’t place me. Too funny! Fast forward to our meeting and I find that her husband has the same name as mine. I love little coincidences like that. =) Okay, I’ll shut up now… you’re really only here for photos, right? 😉


How gorgeous are they?! I can’t wait to meet their little girl!

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