August 31, 2013

Show and Tell

While photographing Savannah’s senior portrait session recently, I stopped as I was packing up to head to our next outdoor photo location and asked her to stand like she just had been so I could take more photos… but this time, I’d do it without any lighting and I’d set my camera to auto mode and I wouldn’t adjust her pose. She looked at me like I was a little nuts, laughed and indulged me. As I took a couple of photos I explained to her that I wanted to be able to really show the difference between someone with a nice camera and a professional photographer. The camera makes a great photo the same way that a nice set of pans cooks a great meal… it’s the person utilizing these tools and their knowledge and experience that make it great!


Same subject. Same camera. Same lens. Same location. Taken moments apart.

Which would you choose? Before you spend money on your Senior Pictures, make sure you’re making the right choice. Most of my senior clients come to me because they hated their senior portraits taken elsewhere.


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