February 21, 2014

Ivan’s First Year

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It’s hard to believe how fast kids change, especially during their first year of life! That’s the biggest reason I love taking pictures of babies several times during their first year – to capture all of those great milestones like pushing up on their bellies, sitting, standing and walking and to see their personalities emerge. Ivan’s personality became apparent to me during his 4 month session where he earned the nickname “Mr. Serious”… and even now at a year old it still fits.

Ivan was very cooperative with me for his newborn baby session – he didn’t mind being placed in props at all and slept like a champ!

Ivan was very serious for his 4 month photo session but we still coaxed out some big smiles! Here he is in the same basket we used for his newborn photos!

For Ivan’s 8 month session we decided to do photos outdoors at a local farm – Mr. Serious was definitely a fitting nickname!

Look at that big boy!

Ivan’s first birthday session was no exception – still serious! 😉

Ivan was all about eating cake but wanted nothing to do with his cake smash! He kept crying and pushing the cake away but would devour every piece given to him!

He did finally get a little bit into it and even had a good time!

Then he decided he was done with the cake and he sat with his back to it… the tongue sticking out was just PERFECT!

It has been so great watching Mr. Serious… er… Ivan grow during his first year! I can’t wait for the years to come!

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