Live weight: This is the weight of the animal prior to slaughter
Hanging Carcass weight(HCW): This is the weight of the animal with the innards and skin removed or scalded
Retail cuts: These are the individual portions of meat or serving sizes (ie. pork chop or roast)

The average HCW of a pig is 70-72% of the live weight. 
The average HCW of a goat or sheep is 50-52% of the live weight.

Using the formula (live weight x percentage=HCW) 


If Poughkeepsie the pig weighs 250 lbs and you want to know how much processing is going to cost based on the HCW. just do this simple equation 

250 x .70 = 175 lbs
175 lb x $1.50 (processing rate) + $100 (kill charge) = $362.50 (total cost)

After slaughter and eviscerating the animal, the actual percentage of live weight can be calculated using this formula. 
(carcass weight รท live weight x 100 = percentage of live weight)

How to estimate the processing cost of your animal

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