My sessions are custom tailored and focused on the finished heirloom pieces that suit your style and budget. Of course, everyone's is different! I find it is so much easier to either chat over the phone or meet in person to discuss your vision of the session and whether you're looking for wall art, albums, folio boxes, etc. This way, I can give you a clear idea of your investment or help you find what works with your budget and we can make sure we're the right fit too! =)

I specialize in heirloom fine art products - each image you purchase includes a complimentary social media web image so you can share your favorites on the web or keep on your mobile device. There are no minimum purchase requirements or packages to be locked into. You won't need to decide what you'd like to purchase until you see your images. You can purchase products a la carte or Create Your Own Collection and get rewarded with savings on the extras when you purchase an album, folio box and/or wall art. On average my clients invest around $1500-$2000, however, some spend just a few hundred and some spend several thousand - it really depends on you! I do accept credit cards and am also happy to arrange a payment plan.

I can't wait to chat with you and start planning your session!


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